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Discover places to turn your spending power into funding for issues that matter to you, at no extra cost

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Filter for causes that matter to you 

Filter for causes that matter to you and stuff you need to buy


See how they’re walking the walk

See how giving connects to each brand’s business practices


You shop, brands donate

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“I'd rather give my dollars somewhere where I can see how they're actually doing something good.”

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Track your tangible impact towards real causes you care about.

With each and every unlocked donation, you can track your progress towards concrete goals —like planting 10 trees to restore California’s forests — and see the combined impact you’re making with every other Beamer out there.

Turn spending with your favs into impact, or find new brands.

Unlock donations with the brands you’re already shopping. Or, the next time you’re buying something, check to see if there’s a brand on Beam that you know is supporting the causes you care most about. From restaurants to street style to plant-based ice cream, Beam’s crew of mission-driven brands is growing fast.

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Learn how to support nonprofits on Beam in other ways.

This isn’t just about consumer power — 3 out of 4 Beamers end up supporting nonprofits they discover on Beam in other ways, like directly donating and volunteering. That’s why we’re always sharing easy ways you can make a difference, like volunteering opportunities, information sharing, and more.