We’re on a mission to shift $10B to high-impact nonprofits, by using the forces of capitalism for…good. 🤯

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The Problem

A lot of us feel powerless. “How can I make a real difference?” But, one everyday power we do have is where we buy things.

Consumer Power
= Social Impact

We created Beam to turn your *consumer power* into real tangible impact, aka direct funding for nonprofits. You buy things from a Beam brand because you know it’ll make an impact. You choose a nonprofit, and the brand donates there for you

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The More Beam Brands, the More Nonprofits Win

That matters because as more people use Beam, brands on Beam donate more to nonprofits *and* they’re winning against less-responsible brands bc of it.

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Shifting the industry to make massive impact

The more we can make brands that walk-the-walk win, the more brands want to be like them.

That’s how together, we can shift massive resources to nonprofits *and* drive all brands to do better.

Here are just a few of our 2021 impact metrics:

more thank 40 million meals for food insecure communities, 100k meals for dogs in shelters, more than 1 million lbs of co2 prevented and 250 plus hours of free therapy for black/lgbtq communities